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The Ball Pit Elevator Podcast: Episode 60

BPE turns 60 with yet another lengthy podcast. Don’t worry, Matthew doesn’t whine too much, since he just has Skyrim and Trine 2 to talk about. Charlie picks up the slack by playing just about every 3DS game, and David effects our masses for the third time. Will is also present with exciting news about the bluest rays. Stay tuned after the credits for even more discussion about THE USED GAME PARADOX.


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  1. Lunenaar

    EDITOR’S NOTE: I couldn’t decide if I should put “affects,” which is correct grammar, or “effects,” for the sake of the pun. I went with the pun. Still kills me to see “effects” there, even though I know it can occasionally be a verb.

    March 13, 2012 at 6:28 pm