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Charlie Time – An Introduction

My life has been a whirlwind for the past few months.  It has been the best time of life, and simultaneously turned everything I know on its head.  My son Chase is now 2 months old.  He smiles.  He tries to talk.  I am starting to see both me and his mother in his face.  It has been such an amazing experience.  But it is also a lot of work.  A lot of work for both me and my wife.  My wife is amazing, and has insisted that I keep doing the podcast in order to maintain a part of myself – which parents of a newborn can tell you, is very difficult.  But doing so requires a Herculean effort on her part, and I cannot ask her to do that every week.  So I am still going to be on the podcast, but not with the regularity I have been until now.




And that is why I am writing here in this space.  There has not been very much content on the Ball Pit Elevator that is not in podcast form, but that is changing now.  I am going to write a weekly (hopefully) column where I will discuss all kinds of things: new games I’ve been playing, new shows I am watching, old favorites I want to revisit, or being a new dad.  Writing this column will give me a more regular outlet since I won’t be able to podcast as much as before.  I’m sure I will play around with formats, so expect this column to evolve over the next few weeks and months.  I am looking forward to starting a new adventure in a new medium.  And why not?  Everything else in my life right now feels like a new adventure.




Consider this an introduction.  For now, I am going to try to post a new column every weekend.  I don’t know what I am going to write about yet – I have been playing Hotline Miami 2, watching lots of Burn Notice, and taking Chase to the park.  Or I might write about something that hasn’t even happened to me yet.  Either way, I hope you enjoy reading all of my thoughts and musings here.  And I look forward to seeing any comments or emails that you have.

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  1. Matthew

    CHARLIE TIME. Great first post. Great first baby.

    March 30, 2015 at 7:14 pm