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GOTY 2016 – The Music

Game of the Year 2016 – Charlie Hunter

2016 has been over for a little while now, but I just now got around to writing all of my thoughts of video games in 2016.  So I am posting all of my thoughts in five installments.  This third one is my favorite music from this year’s games.


The Music of 2016

There was so much great music this year.  I’ve got six games represented here, and they all have great music that match the games perfectly, but the last two have some really special stuff.



Stay In Your Tower and Watch

The steely and solemn guitar of Firewatch gives a feeling of loneliness and mystery.  It has a minimalism to it, but when it picks up tempo it can really build the tension.


Song of the Deep

Merrow Ruins

The bubbly harps and strings of Song of the Deep have a sense of awe to them that make you feel like Merryn discovering a strange new world.



Epiphany Fields

Oxenfree’s soundtrack has this pulsating sound that seems to phase in and out, and then adds repeating layers that fold in and echo.  It is seemingly peaceful, and at the same time odd and unresolved.


Uncharted 4


Uncharted 4 flips the tone of the previous games’ soundtracks.  Instead of bombastic fanfares of adventure, you get a much quieter sound.  And when that soft familiar melody plays in the game, you get a feeling of peace and fond remembrance.


Destiny: Rise of Iron

Rise of Iron

Destiny has always been this mix of medieval knights and fantasy with guns, spaceships, and sci-fi.  With the Rise of Iron expansion, they literally went for a Knights of the Round Table theme, and goodness they nailed it with the music.

Young Wolf

This track is triumphant fanfare with blasting horns and driving percussion.  And I love that drop.

Eyes Up

This is the music to the final boss fight of the Wrath of the Machine raid, which is probably my favorite boss fight in a video game ever.  I’m not even exaggerating.  I’ve never had a more engaging and invigorating fight ever, and the music just keeps it epic with its steady climb up the pounding steps.

Sepiks Redux

The villain in Rise of Iron is a nanovirus called Siva, and Bungie revamped the first strike from the original game to be “Siva infected”.  This music is the Siva infected version of the original orchestral boss fight music for the final boss of that original strike, Sepiks Prime.


Pokemon Sun and Moon

Kukui’s Theme

This is one of the first songs you hear in the game and it really sets the tone for the fun and laid back vibe that this game has.  Also it perfectly fits Kukui, who wears an open lab coat with no shirt.

Hau’oli City (Night)

I want to live in this track.  It’s vintage and classy and effortlessly cool.

Iki Town (Night)

This track is just complete peace.  It’s a lay on the grass and stare up at the crystal clear, starry night sky with your best friend song.

Lillie’s Theme

The slight mysteriousness of this track really fits Lillie’s character, and I love the distinctly Parisian flair.


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